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Our order of service is intended to be crafted around scripture from start to finish. We want to lift up the Word of God, and make it preeminent in our services. That means that God’s Word is the true north for our Sunday service. Through our scripture readings, the songs that we sing, the sermon that is preached, the time of confession of our sins, and the confessions of faith that we speak together; scripture is the backbone. These components of the worship service weave together to proclaim the truth about God, and the gospel of His Son. Bringing God glory is our foremost desire.

Musically, our focus is the same. we sing songs that are old, and songs that are new. In a service we might sing Great is Thy Faithfulness, or All Creatures of Our God and King. These are songs that are rooted in Christian tradition and have been sung for many years by believers who have gone before us. But in that same service we might sing Stronger, or Christ is Risen, which were been penned in the past few years. These songs are chosen not because they are old, or because they are new. Instead, we would sing Great is Thy Faithfulness to highlight God’s faithfulness, or we would sing All Creatures of Our God and King to highlight the glory and splendor of the Creator. Stronger and Christ is Risen might be sung because they speak beautifully of Christ’s death, resurrection and return. God’s glory and His Word are our focus. Not melodies. Not keys.

Thankfully, believers of old and contemporary believers have both been gifted to write songs that are beautiful musically as well. So, by God’s grace, we don’t have to sacrifice a powerful text for a beautiful melody. We long for our main focus throughout the service to be God’s glory.

Come and worship with us. We’d love to lift up God’s name along side of you! May we all worship Him in Spirit and in truth!