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    The Big Reveal | Part 1: Spoiler Alert!

    June 12, 2020

June 12, 2020

The Big Reveal | Part 1: Spoiler Alert!

In my family, when you hear the words “Spoiler Alert,” everybody gets really excited.

Certain members of my family, who will remain unnamed (to protect the guilty), are well-known for their almost uncanny ability to “spoil” the ending of a book or a movie. It’s not that they want to spoil it for us; it’s just that they are so into the book or movie that they want to communicate to us how much they enjoyed it, and they “accidentally” tell us what happens on the last page of the book or the last scene of the movie.

They reveal the Big Reveal.

I’ll give you a spoiler alert for today’s post: the Big Reveal is Jesus Christ, Son of God.

What is it about us that wants…

…to skip ahead to the very last page of a book?

…to fast forward to the end of a movie to see the last scene?

…to find out what happens in the end?

…to see how it all turns out?

…to learn the big secret the author/screenwriter has prepared for us?

We all want to know how the story ends.

American wedding customs often contain an element of the Big Reveal. Two of our sweet families recently saw their children united in marriage when Joshua Hochstetler and Melissa Willemin were wed. On the morning of the wedding, Josh and Melissa set aside a “first look” when he got to see Melissa for the very first time in her wedding dress. The Big Reveal on that day was when the Groom saw his Bride. And the wedding photographer was warned, “Do not miss this moment!” Be ready for the Big Reveal!

It’s the moment of the Big Reveal.

ONE DAY Jesus Christ will make what was old brand new. The Big Reveal, Jesus Christ, is what this old, troubled world has longed for its entire existence, ever since we lost it all in the garden.

ONE DAY Jesus Christ will marry His Bride, the church, and those of us who know Him and are known by Him will join Him at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

In the Jewish culture of Jesus’ day, the Bride was engaged to the Groom and then she began to prepare for her wedding day. The Bride did not choose the wedding day. Her parents did not set the wedding day. Only the Groom set the wedding day, and he did not tell his Bride when that day would be.

The Bride was to prepare and be ready. She was to listen for the sound of the trumpet and the voice of her Groom.

We, the Bride of Christ, His Church, are to prepare. We are to be ready. We are to listen for the sound of the trumpet and the voice of our Groom.

Are you ready for the Big Reveal? In the next posts, we’ll look at 4 revelations of Jesus in Scripture. He is the Big Reveal.

Kevin Wax

Kevin is a Pastor at Blackman Baptist Church.