• Our Focus


God created families as the first and most intimate place where we learn to walk with Him. Blackman Baptist is focused on supporting families as they walk in Christ in their home lives. Our vision is to use our children and youth programs to support the spiritual training that parents are doing in their homes. We seek to provide age appropriate and meaningful opportunities for children, youth and parents to engage with the truth of scripture and help as they apply it to their lives. Sometimes these opportunities are planned and packed with spiritual meat, like asking our teens to lead Sunday School for the younger ones. Sometimes they are spontaneous or more focused on relationship building, like a marshmallow roast in the Fall for no particular reason!



To be a disciple of Jesus is to be a student and a follower of Jesus.
As students, we are called to engage our minds in learning more about our Savior and His ways. At Blackman Baptist Church, we do this by studying the Bible together — in Sunday School, Community Groups and in the preaching.
As followers He expects us to follow; to act and to do. We take the things we have learned and apply them to our lives. We do this in the context of the community of the church, encouraging and strengthening each other.


Service is anything and everything done to fulfill the two great commandments; love God & love your neighbor. This concept of service is deeply rooted at Blackman Baptist Church. We are the body of Christ and each part of the body has its function.