• Community Groups

We are a community that
grows and learns together.

Our community groups meet throughout the week. Community groups help us connect to others and God. We eat together, pray together, and study the Word of God together. We meet on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings at 5:30. Wednesday evenings start a bit earlier at 5:00. If you would like more information on plugging in to one of our community groups, please email us at CG@BlackmanBaptist.org.

  • Sunday School

Our church is committed
to the Word of God.

Each week, we meet before worship at 9:10 am to study the Bible in classes for all age groups. People learn to follow Jesus by studying His Word together. Then they are encouraged to pattern their lives after Jesus. We use Gospel Project materials to help us in our study. We fellowship and pray for each other, but the main focus in these classes is the study of God’s Word.