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    Beyond a Reasonable Doubt | Part 1: Reasons & Remedies

    April 28, 2021

April 28, 2021

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt | Part 1: Reasons & Remedies

If we think about it, doubt is all around us. Whether it’s the new Covid-19 vaccine or some less controversial topic, we can find doubt without looking too far.

Doubt can have many causes.  

  • Sometimes we doubt out of ignorance and just need to be corrected.
  • Sometimes we doubt because our worldview and guiding philosophy of life leads us to.
  • Sometimes we doubt as a rite of passage, as a part of our maturation process.
  • Sometimes we doubt simply out of exhaustion and stress.
  • Sometimes we doubt because we go through a very deep crisis.

Of course, there are more reasons people doubt, but I give you examples like these to demonstrate that the motives BEHIND the doubt are numerous, and therefore the REMEDIES to doubt are equally numerous. 

If someone is doubting because they are exhausted and stressed, giving them a book on Christian apologetics isn’t going to help very much.  Likewise, someone whose doubt is rooted out of ignorance will find little help in a nap.

In John 20, we come across a disciple of Jesus named Thomas, whom many of us might know as “Doubting Thomas.”  He is, for all intents and purposes, a skeptic.  

The questions before us are these:  

  1. What is he doubting?
  2. What kind of doubt is it?
  3. What is the remedy?
  4. What is the result?

We’ll explore these questions in our next couple blog posts.

Rob Tims

Rob is Teaching Pastor at Blackman Baptist Church.